High Wycombe Sports Direct Contact Number 0843 816 6305

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High Wycombe Sports Direct Contact Number 0843 816 6305

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Need to call Sports Direct? Phone 0843 816 6305 to speak to the customer service team over at the Sports Direct call centre. One of the most difficult numbers to locate is the Sports Direct customer service phone number, here at AllPhoneNumbers we have done the hard work for you and found the helpline number, simply ring the customer service phone number above and speak to a helpful call centre member today. All calls to our 0843 816 6305 phone number will call forward to the official Sports Direct HQ contact number.

High Wycombe Sports Direct Contact Number, call 0843 816 6305. 

Have you been looking for the High Wycombe sports direct contact number? Look no longer, we have sourced the number and the customer service team can be contacted via the above number.

No matter what your issue happens to be, all you need to do is dial our Sportsdirect contact number on your telephone, call 0843 816 6305.

This number takes you through to a general customer service line, just select the option that you require from the telephone menu.

High Wycombe Sports Direct Contact Numbers:

High Wycombe Sports Direct Phone Numbers
Sports Direct Head Office Contact 0843 816 6305
High Wycombe Sports Direct Customer Services 0843 816 6305
High Wycombe Sports Direct Complaints Phone Number 0843 816 6305


Contact SportsDirect if you have any questions regarding how to place orders. If you have placed an order, you can check the status or ask about return or exchange policies. If you have any technical issues with the website, you can contact customer service for help in placing or checking on orders. They can also help you set up an account and payment arrangements.


High Wycombe Sports Direct Complaints 0843 816 6305

Contact Sports Direct to make a complaint by calling their official head office phone number 0843 816 6305. You should call this helpline to reach customer services who will help you through your complaint about a Sports Direct staff member or product.

If you would prefer to send a letter of complaint to Sports Direct you can do so using the address below.

Sports Direct Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office Sports Direct International plc
Unit A Brook Park East
NG20 8RY

Sports Direct Head Office Contact Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday Saturday: 8am 8pm
Sunday: 10am  5pm

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Common Reasons To Call Sports Direct:

  • To find your nearest Sports Direct store, there is a store in High Wycombe
  • To enquire about a certain product or brand sold by Sports Direct and find out whether it is in stock in the High Wycombe branch.
  • To ask the price of a product or brand in-store.
  • To find out more about careers at Sports Direct, apply for a job, or even to get some information about the process when applying to work in the High Wycombe Sports Direct store.
  • To make a complaint about a Sports Direct experience, product, brand or member of staff in High Wycombe.
  • To arrange a return or a refund on a Sports Direct item

Whatever your reason call 0843 816 6305. All calls to our phone number will forward to the official Sports Direct contact number.


What is the UK Sports Direct Phone Number?

You can call Sports Direct on 0843 816 6305, this number will route you to the HQ call centre where you can talk to a customer service rep about the local Sports Direct stores, returns, deliveries and even refunds.

Sports Direct Info :

The Group commenced trading as a single store in Maidenhead, founded by Mike Ashley in 1982. Sports Direct have now expanded to become not only the UK’s leading sports retailer by revenue and operating profit but also the owner of a significant number of world famous sport, fashion and lifestyle brands.

Currently, they operate around 420 sports stores in the UK alone, the majority of which trade under the SPORTSDIRECT name. The Premium Lifestyle division operates 130 stores in the UK, under fascia’s which include Flannels, Cruise, USC and Van Mildert. Internationally our growth has proven unrelenting, with our products being offered via wholly-owned retail outlets, joint ventures with other retailers and stores in other retailer’s stores. Sports Direct currently operate over 270 stores in 19 European countries and their strategy is to expand into all major EEA countries over the next 5 years.

From the local SPORTSDIRECT.com high street store to the famous Lillywhites store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, there is sure to be a SPORTS DIRECT store right on your doorstep, offering an incredible choice of football boots, running shoes, football kits, fitness clothing and much more.

To find out where your nearest store is you can check out the official website, or dial 0843 816 6305.


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