Sidmouth Lloyds Contact Number 0843 816 6304

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Sidmouth Lloyds Contact Number 0843 816 6304

Need to call Lloyds in Sidmouth? Give their customer service team a ring on 0843 816 6304.

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Lloyds call centre staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

The Sidmouth Lloyds Call Connection Number can help with:

  • Finding the location of the Lloyds Sidmouth branch.
  • Enquiring about working for Lloyds Sidmouth or the recruitment process.
  • Acquiring HR contact details if you are a Sidmouth Lloyds employee.
  • Finding out how you could get compensation if you have been miss-sold PPI with Lloyds in Sidmouth.
  • Registering a complaint about the Sidmouth Lloyds service or an employee.

Just call 0843 816 6304 to resolve your issue regarding the Sidmouth Lloyds branch

Lloyds Call Connection Numbers:

Lloyds Sidmouth Customer Services 0843 816 6304
Sidmouth Lloyds General Enquiries 0843 816 6304
Lloyds Savings Accounts 0843 816 6304
Sidmouth Lloyds Opening Times 0843 816 6304
Lloyds in Sidmouth Number 0843 816 6304

Lloyds Sidmouth Complaints 0843 816 6304:

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Sidmouth Lloyds you can also send a letter to the Lloyds customer complaint address:

Please mention in your contact details so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.

Lloyds Sidmouth Contact Number: 0843 816 6304

Sidmouth Lloyds Telephone Number: 0843 816 6304


Having been established as a collaborative banking group for more than fourteen years, Lloyds is now separate from its TSB counterpart. Lloyds Banking Group sold TSB to Spanish bank Sabadell at a significant loss in 2015. Estimates suggest that the loss was in the region of 740 million. Since then, the Lloyds brand has undergone significant change, ditching its corporate look and feel for an image that’s more personal and local.

They have also invested considerably in their customer service infrastructure, to reduce Lloyds helpline call times and improve customer satisfaction rates.

As a Lloyds customer, you can expect swift and efficient customer service from your bank. Lloyds operates a number of UK call centres.

The Lloyds Bank UK Customer Services helpline is a 24-hour number and so is always available to call. Although the requirement to go through an automated system may be a draw back, the constant availability of the helpline makes it one of the more Customer Friendly numbers to call when contacting a bank.



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